The Unfolding Story…

Baba Yaga Child Forest Rogers
Baba Yaga Child
Forest Rogers

“Daily we unfold our stories into the world–

some of them consciously constructed, some of them arising of their own accord.

Stories run through us from our ancestors,

from our culture,

from our environment.

There are stories we tell ourselves,

stories which tell us,

even (perhaps especially)

if we are unaware of them.” ~ James Hollis

Beyond identification with family and career, I have wondered about the “pull threads” in my life, my story–or as C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell put it:  What Myth am I living? Or, more plainly, now at the turning point of age 61, “What am I here for?”

I have long resonated with the Cinderella story.

Particularly the Russian version of Vasalisa the Brave.

Vasalisa the Wise.

Vasalisa the Beautiful.


After some time in the swamplands of the Soul, I think I just might have an idea.

Shannon Kirsten Calligraphy
Shannon Kirsten

Vox Anima:  Wishing you beauty,  SDM


Art Credit goes to Ivan Bilibin