Be A Noticer of the Good


Ran Wu
Ran Wu


A simple message on a soft summer Sunday.

I am currently reading about art as a practice of “seeing”.


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Seeing, as in, slowing down to, stopping and observing the common and the ordinary.

This practice is transformational, and the everyday becomes extraordinary by the quality of attention we give it…

And in today’s world, so much to attend to!

And so much that is in CRISIS.


“Living in a time of well documented crisis–

environmental, educational, social–

we are often numb and overwhelmed

by what’s wrong,

what’s ugly

what’s out of balance.

The healing we need as individuals and cultures

cannot come only from practical solutions and prescriptions,

but must come also from many visions of wholeness,

holiness, visions of beauty.”

~Ruth Gendler

In this vein:



As Vox Anima approaches her first birthday, more to come on Goodness and Beauty.

Blessings to All, SDM


P. S.  I have some inner mischief makers.