Going Bamboo

Patrick Flynn
Patrick Flynn

 Bamboo carries symbolic weight at the new year.

Sky Blue
Sky Blue

After living on the Big Island of Hawaii, I learned about Chinese and Japanese traditions that became part of the pidgin mix plate experience that is life in the 50th state.

Ways of celebrating the new year that resonated (and still do) with me are:

~Clean house (pretty much)

~Pay off debts (working on it)

~Honor family & ancestors (in my heart)

~Ritual foods (Hawaiian style Kalua Pig)

~Fireworks to frighten away evil spirits (can’t get them legally)

~Bamboo and Pine for Good Luck (I can do that)


The deeper symbolism of bamboo involves characteristics of

strength, flexibility, adaptability, durability, and persistence (ask any gardener).

My New Year’s intention is to go bamboo!

A. Feinberg
A. Feinberg


Hau’ole Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)!

Vox Anima, SDM