There is no growth without real feeling. Children not loved for who they are do not learn how to love themselves. Their growth is an exercise in pleasing others, not in expanding through experience. As adults, they must learn to nurture their own lost child.   ~ Marion Woodman


I offer psychotherapy from the standpoint of child development.

This perspective underlines the natural healing tendency of the psyche, meaning, children often “know” best what is needed for change and growth.


I collaborate with parents, teachers, and caregivers to provide practical solutions to assist the child’s needs along the way.  And, to offer the support many families need to help and assist their child’s therapy process.

Because children are not fully formed, words and traditional talking therapies can be inadequate.

I offer nonverbal therapies for the expression many children need to formulate the answer to the problem that brings them into therapy.  This can involve art therapy, Sandplay, storytelling, dancing, dreaming, music, singing, playing–all these methods speak to the first and most natural language of children, which is Play.


“To see a world in a grain of sand,

or a heaven in a wildflower,

hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

eternity in an hour.”

~William Blake 

 art credit goes to Robert Vickrey

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