“Most people in analysis are there because nobody has had the time to see them or hear them…They’ve spent their lives trying to please somebody else, so they’ve never found their own values.”  

~Marion Woodman


There are many forms of Self inquiry.

Jungian depth psychotherapy is but one.

At the heart of this is the formation of a relationship in a free and protected space.

In this environment, a conversation can take place, where your individuality is invited.

Beyond talking, the process can involve many things…

 Beyond words, I offer therapies in the form of movement, expressive arts, and Sandplay.

When the voice needs to be heard, I offer voice work which frees natural expression of the authentic voice.

All of these methods amplify individual expression of the timeless, eternal Self.

I offer dream work which follows the way of the dream as C.G. Jung and Marie Louise von Franz taught us~~to concentrate the heart.

In all, I provide an oasis for the psyche to rest, reflect, and be received.

It is in this resting place healing occurs, old wounds transform, and suffering is met and understood.

Paving the way for joy and vitality… and a return to wholeness in life.

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