In the Spirit and Tradition of Marion Woodman & C G Jung

The foundation of StillDancing is the psychology of C.G. Jung and his understanding of the relationship between the psyche and the body.

 I am a California licensed psychotherapist (MFT 33574), consultant, and educator in private practice.  The work that I do is steeped in BodySoul Rhythms; an approach based on the collaborative work of Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner.





My experience began as a child, singing and studying vocal music, later evolving into Theatre Arts.






Susan as Louisa in The Fantastiks

 Years of theatre arts training focused on acting, voice, and movement for the theatre. The theatrical emphasis on character study and development provided a natural bridge to psychology.

At the University of Hawaii, I began teaching courses in Human Development.  In private practice there, I became acquainted with the infinite possibilities of world views in a multicultural context.

As an intern working with children, it became clear that there was a need to find a way to communicate, other than words.

This led me to the study of nonverbal therapies, Sandplay,


to Jung, and eventually to dance, voice work,  and movement therapies.

After 33 years working with children, teens, men and women, and women’s groups, my work is a life’s synthesis and a happy return to my origins in song, movement, art, poetry, and the theatre.

Currently, Dream Analysis, Consultation, and Collaboration


Artists, Teachers, Leaders, Professionals compose the centerpiece in my  professional mandala.

Russian Dancers
Edgar Degas


Also of current interest is Writing and Painting–The Art of Memoir.


Mandala by one of Jung’s Patients


I participated and completed Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Rhythms® Leadership Training Program, and I wish to acknowledge the contributions of all my teachers in the development and content of StillDancing… Me Ke Aloha


Grandmother Tree at La Casa de Maria, Santa Barbara Photo Credit: Meg Wilbur




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