Was I the ONLY ONE who did not know that Instagram

is a PRODUCT of Facebook?!

Since its inception, I have been skeptical about FB.  Initially, I tried it, and weird things happened, like stalking and other things… I found the whole experience to be entirely dissatisfying, complicated,  and in my introverted way, parted from the social media herd.

(Even this blog post is out of step and time with current events by two weeks.)

I am posting about this in an attempt to work through my ambivalence about social media, and Instagram in particular.

What makes IG so addictive, I think, is the immediacy of www publishing.

Literally INSTA.

Quick images and words have become a substitute for more thoughtful discourse.

(Like Blogging)

Yes, I have learned from chefs, artists, enjoyed puppy and cat videos, beauty tips,  and even connected with BodySoul friends there…

And while I admit it is fun, there is something inheritantly wrong with it.

My discomfort has to do with the fact that there really is no privacy.

And the monitoring of my behavior.

And everyone else’s.

Cambridge Analytics fell on its sword for FB.


Facebook is doing quite well, thank you!

Profits are up from last year from over 3 billion to 5 billion!

Billions of dollars.

IG  is serving the new God Image:  The Marketplace.

While I have clearly not worked through this in my own mind,

I would like to hear from you dear readers.

Your comments ARE welcome here.

I can tell you I have not agreed to IGs’ terms of use as my own way of tiny protest.

Also, my best to @yanaherbalbeautyproducts.

Vox Anima,










Art Credit:  The Posters of Scorsone and Drueding

Author: Susan Davis Martin, M.A., M.F.T. & StillDancing...

Body Soul Confluence Where The Arts and Psyche Meet

4 thoughts on “InstaBlog”

  1. I love the images I just never joined it I just joined messenger and found the same thing I did not know enough to block stalkers and men and request for money I need to learn a lot more about it I am trying to learn my new i phone. I love sending seri reminders it keeps me on track.I agree it keeps us from having more in depth conversations. love Barbara
    Ring the bells that can still ring…….


    1. Hello Dear Barbara! The selection of images is critical to my blogging. Thank you! Best with the iPhone. And …forget your perfect offering…that’s how the light gets in…


  2. Alas, I feel we are all creating a crazed “rat’s nest” of social media STUFF! We know it’s addictive, I do too. Yet so easily I can get pulled in, losing track of time, losing consciousness. As others have doubtless said, never has so much space and time been taken to communicate so very little! That is not to diminish the value, creativity, and
    connections of blogs like yours, dear Susan, and many others. But how to find balance in the midst of a flood of often meaningless stimulus!! Our poor bodysouls aren’t meant for this! Meg


  3. Meg, loss of consciousness indeed. IG is a poor substitute for it, but again, I have made a few meaningful connections there. I think it is important to keep in my mind who or whom this media is serving. Is it serving me, and that which I value? Or the other way ’round? In general, I’d say finding balance in bodysoul is a full time job. (Not to mention the incoming dreams) Thank you for your thoughts here, Meg. Much Love, SDM


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