Spark Joy!


I don’t know about you, but Fall can bring out the “clean up and  clear out” instincts in me.

Perhaps it is the inward pull to go inside.

Prepare the cave for hibernation and put away summer.

I was feeling this impulse naturally, when a little book came across my path:


(Apparently, this is a popular item.

And, as is typical with me, I am late to the party on this one.)

I am on page 77.

I was slowed down by the idea of visualizing what my destination or goal is —

 the first step.

I am not a clutterer, per se.

But I am a keeper.


I landed on the feeling sensation I wanted throughout my home and property.

(which we call The Shire, by the way)

We have been well on our way,

but Ms. Kondo helped to crystallize and bring coherence to our efforts.

The concept that sold me was Ms. Kondo’s notion of Spark Joy.

The next step in her method is Discarding.

Then, the consideration:


(A nonrational intuitive method!!

Yes!  Suits my intuitive type perfectly!!!)

One considers the item in one’s hand, or at hand, and asks the intuitive question.

Then await the intuitive answer.

I must admit I have been stuck with things that fall into the mementos category.

Great Grandma’s steam trunk with all the bits and treasures from the Depression era.

Great Grandma’s cedar chest, which we have renamed “The Time Capsule”,

as it contains every little thing the kids made,

photos, “rememberies”,

the ponytail of my hair cut after the first born…

(which was down to my waist–it still smells like the shampoo I used then)

Then there are the outbuildings, which have as much square space as the house.

There, upstairs, in the attic, Christmas, art supplies, old basketball shoes,

my son’s handmade windchimes made of leaves and bamboo,

his rock collection,

my daughter in law’s art materials…

It’s all been a little too much, and I could not find a thinking way to approach it.

All the usual Western notions of organization did not fit for me.

Ms. Kondo understands this.

She instructs to begin with the easier categories first.

Such as clothes.

I began.


The energy that it sparked was/is amazing!

What is equally amazing is that once the discarding was done.

The putting away and organizing came naturally and easily.

(I love the meditative aspect of folding clothes as per the method.

I would proudly show you my underwear drawer, but that’s a bit too much!)

I donated bags of stuff, and took a suitcase full to consignment.

The rest, was thrown away.

Next came Books and Media.


 As of today, over 15 garbage bags full have left the inside of my home!

A spaciousness and order is creeping in, and the settled peace is steadily growing.



Perhaps most satisfying of all is that tidying is a dialogue with one’s self.

Ms. Kondo writes:

“While not exactly a meditative state, there are times when I am cleaning that I can quietly commune with myself.  The work of carefully considering each object I own to see whether it sparks joy inside me is like conversing with myself through the medium of my possessions.”

There is much more to the process, and as I said, I’m on page 77.

The success of my early efforts encourage me.

I am building on this to approach the harder, more soulful things like photographs.

A Psychic Momentum is happening, and I am grateful for that.

Vox Anima, SDM  (aka The Joyologist)


Author: Susan Davis Martin, M.A., M.F.T. & StillDancing...

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