Perfectly Happy Carrots

 “If you’re a happy carrot,

why wouldn’t you remain a happy carrot?

If you’re happy, and your life is mostly joy,

why would you want to be conscious?”

~ Marion Woodman

WARNING:  This post features our friend, Little Envy.


Uh oh.

You know what that means.

Another installment of Shadow, Projection, and

that old bugaboo


“As we once entered the world,

so we still enter each new spiral of growth.

Until consciousness intercedes.” ~MW

will baby
will baby

My birth circumstances had everything to with my imperfection.

And, I would say, my mother’s polio curse.

This was my destiny.


Of course, I did not know about such things in my early days.

So, I lived what Marion wrote about,

in essence, trying to be someone, or something other than who I was.

(very adolescent)


And as I spiral into Cronedom,

I meet again, the original wound, my imperfection.

So it looks like my perfection~ism is some adolescent monkey!


When she spies another monkey who looks like she has the perfect life,

the perfect carrots—

well off she goes!!

Skampering, chimping about, searching for all the ways she could be like that perfect one, have all the really cool friends, cool stuff,  and have those carrots too.

Even if it is only in her own mind.


The perfect happy little carrot.


“Don’t try to take others

out of carrot hood.

You’ll be responsible

for trying to make them conscious

and that is misuse of power.”  ~ MW

Little-Monkey-and-His-TongueCr@p.  Dammit Envy.

So, it would seem we have an oppositional defiant monkey on our hands.

Little Envy in her primate way is trying to do what many humans do:

Control, manipulate, pretend…

It must be a psychic compensation for KNOWING we are human.

The opposite of trusting.

The opposite of trusting the mystery.

Of trusting our destinies.

Without being Darwinian, perhaps this is an evolutionary task?

I can’t help but think this monkey energy has some usefulness.

Something yet to give?

In the meantime, God bless the happy carrots!

Vox Anima, SDM


Marion Woodman citations:  Coming Home to Myself

Author: Susan Davis Martin, M.A., M.F.T. & StillDancing...

Body Soul Confluence Where The Arts and Psyche Meet

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Happy Carrots”

  1. Thank you so much Dorothy.
    I am thinking of giving Little Envy a much needed vacation.
    Or, should I ship her off to the circus?
    At any rate, I need a break! SDM


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