My Midsummer Night’s Dream

This is my Summer Home.

Confluence of Dillon Creek at the Klamath River
Confluence of Dillon Creek at the Klamath River


For 27 years, my family has spent many summer days down river

at Dillon Creek in the Siskiyou Willderness.

A riparian, spring fed creek (the size of a little river), Dillon empties at the Klamath.

The Klamath meets the Salmon river on down the line, and then to the Pacific Ocean.

From the very beginning, Dillon cast its spell on me.

It is certainly enchanted.

The indigenous people say this confluence place is the center of the universe.

I believe it.

Other than Wilsonia, no other wilderness has the power to bring me home to myself.

(it must be the water)

(or the trees)

(or the rocks)

(or the air)

(or the sky)

(or the sun)

Perhaps it is all the shared memories, but even when I am there alone, solitary, the medicinal effect is as reliable and instantaneous as a quick injection of B vitamins.

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

(no editing or photo shop effects–this is the real deal)


(I see a woodland fairy under that fern, don’t you?)


(look carefully, there is a wood nymph about)



(yes the water really is that color)


(ok, I’ll be quiet now)




Happy Summer Solstice Greetings to All!

Vox Anima, SDM

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Johnson Galleries

Author: Susan Davis Martin, M.A., M.F.T. & StillDancing...

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8 thoughts on “My Midsummer Night’s Dream”

  1. Oh Susan, your photos brought me of memories of camping at Dillon Creek and rafting the Klamath with young children 20 years ago and all of us marveling at the deep magic of those clear waters and lush forest. Thank you for reminding me that it may be time to return and be a wood/water nymph myself!


    1. Ellen, I hear Dillon calling you. It remains itself, largely unchanged, with its infinite capacity to replenish and renew.
      Love that it brought you good touchstone memories. SDM


    1. Thank you Ursula! The shadow in Dillon canyon made good light for the photography.
      Goes to show we can’t have one without the other.
      Smiles, SDM


  2. It is, Dorothy! I remember you once telling me the Soul is fed at many streams–this is definitely the main stream. If only I could capture the sound of the water…SDM


  3. Susan, your comments and photos are marvelous. How I would love to slip into the cool water of those streams….. Shhh, I saw the wood nymph!
    Meg Wilbur


  4. Delightful to hear from you, and to know you spotted the wood nymph! Elusive little creatures they are. Planning a trip to the cool healing waters soon–it’s 103 F !


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