Hele On!

I am in the process of moving to a new office space.

My fifth, in private practice.

As an intern, I began in a professional office suite in an historical building on a Hawaii bay front in Hilo.


37-8 The S. Hata Building


With views like this.

What a pleasure to step outside and feel the soft breeze on the skin.

Hawaii is definitely a place for the senses.


(perhaps the topic for another post)

Back on the Mainland, my next two offices were apartments, which I converted into office space.  Casual, homey, private, and comfortable.

Of those two, my favorite was the one on Third St., a Victorian in a historical district.

(even though it was cold in the winter) 

The Space has always been very important to me.  

After all, it is The Space which holds the Psychotherapist and Client.

In the beginning, without completely understanding why,

the paramount nature of The Space has been a critical piece of my work life happiness.

I remember reading research about the significance of the office and its effect on client outcomes — the findings were counterintuitive for me.

Which, in essence said that it didn’t matter!

I took a leave of absence in 2010, and when I returned, I was on the hunt for the next space.

I found a house, which is shared by other professionals:  a civil engineer, massage therapists.

My room is small, I made do, and it has served well, but I have been squished.

I would go to work, acknowledge feeling squishy, and keep on keeping on.

Perennially, my radar has been on for a larger, more accommodating space.

One in which invites stretching out, moving, and more ways to play and express…

For four years nothing remotely right surfaced.

(that is a long time to feel squished)

I was steadfast in my standpoint of the space being right,

in terms of energy, or chi if you will.

Lo, and Behold!

One of my roomies decides to move on, quite suddenly it seems.

The Space, down the hall became available to me.

As with most decisions like this, I sleep on it.

I waited to see what the resonances would be as The Space emptied.

All is well.

The process, the creative process of making it mine is underway.

Facing north – east and painted in a cold, dirty white, it begged for color!

After a little back and forth with mySelf about how FAR to go with this,

my Soul won out.


As I write this, the painting is about complete.

One wall remains, which will be painted in Spirit Blue.

The African Art will go up, and things put away will re-join me there like old friends.


Goat Boys by Betty LaDuke

I anticipate, in many ways, that this will feel like an ascent,

a homecoming, after four years in the doldrums.

This reminds me too, of the patience and absolute trust required for Soul.

That nothing should be forced.

That the unfolding is underway, even if invisible to the eye.

There is a Hawaiian pidgin expression that speaks to this:  Bon bye.

Loosely translated:

Bye and Bye.

All in good time.

All in God’s time.

There is also an expression for moving on:  Hele On!

And so I am…

Aloha and Vox Anima,

SDMHealer, by Betty LaDukeHealer by Betty La Duke

Author: Susan Davis Martin, M.A., M.F.T. & StillDancing...

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