If you have been following my Blog, you all know how important the Image is to me.

As part of the creative process, many Posts suggest themselves, and are driven by image before the written word is applied.

Whether in clip art, fine art, paintings, sketches, statuary, all speak to me.

It is no wonder I became a Sandplay therapist, and am continually drawn,

(no pun intended)

to how the image amplifies, contains, and fulfills a concept.

Lately, I find myself pulled to photography more and more.

(it is probably time to step up to a new camera)

I came across a new Application:  Waterlogue.

It has transformed many of my photographs into Monet inspired watercolors!

(speaking of, Huguette Clark’s Monet just sold for $17 million)

Here is a sampling of my own Little Monets!


Painted in Waterlogue



Painted in Waterlogue



Painted in Waterlogue


Waterlogue lends itself best to landscapes and still life photos.


Painted in WaterlogueThe Ashland Library.

Painted in Waterlogue







Easter Eggs.

Sometimes, human subjects turn out well…

Painted in Waterlogue

My grandson, Soren, Painter of Easter Eggs.  And Mad Scientist (with friend).

Painted in Waterlogue Painted in Waterlogue

And his little Brother, Sacha.

Painted in Waterlogue

(suitable for framing)

Vox Anima,







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