My Big Backyard

One can’t always be living down in the depths,

one has to ascend to the topside world once in a while!

Today’s post is about a place in my big backyard.

Ashland Oregon.

I live at the border of Far Northern California and Southern Oregon.

A mere 30 miles away to Ashland, and I am on a mini vacation.

The Ashland Chamber of Commerce certainly does not need my assistance in promoting their community.

However, Ashland has been, and always will be a Soul Place for me.

I began frequenting Ashland regularly in 1997.

The year of the big flood.

The year I met my beloved Sandplay therapist, Sue Haskell.

I became familiar with the many good things Ashland had to offer,

and I am quite sure it had something to do with my healing process.

Do any of you, dear readers, have such places?

Good food, good books, and beauty are all on my Soul’s menu of necessities.

Here are a few photos from last Saturday’s Sojourn…

Upstairs at Bloomsbury Books.IMG_3512



Keep an eye on the kiddos when you are in the cafe.

The following was quite a tempting recommendation to order a little something to go with my cappuccino.


Um, I think I’ll pass on the daily special.

IMG_3521Downstairs at Bloomsbury’s.  One could get a little lost–happily.

One of my rituals after seeing my beloved Sue,

was to bring home a loaf of bread for dinner.


The Village Baker

And, a stroll in a nearby neighborhood.


The Library with the statue that proclaims:  “Light the Way”.

And sweet artful businesses…



It was a good day.

Vox Anima, SDM

Photo Credit:  My Trusty iPhone 5SIMG_3535

Author: Susan Davis Martin, M.A., M.F.T. & StillDancing...

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